About Me

I am freelance dance artist out of the  Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with a B.A. in Dance in May of 2017. My Training is primarily in modern under the tutelage of Melissa Rolnick, Michele Rusinko, Sarah Hauss, and Jill Patterson. But I also dabble in the areas of Jazz and HipHop. While in school, I gained the opportunity of performing in a handful of main stage pieces on Anderson Theater as well as showing work at the 2017 ACDA Conference. Since graduating, I have performed with  16 Feet, Rhythmically Speaking, the Minnesota Fringe Festival, and Christopher Watson Dance Company (CWDC). Currently I am working on new movement with CWDC, Erin Liebhard, and deciding where to take '...and company' after co-directing/producing/performing a show in the 2018 Minnesota Fringe Festival. I am also into my first year of teaching and am humbled by the opportunity to share my movement and creative style with the students of Reflections Dance Academy in Shakopee, MN. When not teaching/dancing, I am working on cars, lifting heavy things and eating tacos.

Artist Statement

Height: 5"10 | Eyes: Brown | Hair: Black | Weight: 165

I dance to be free. It is my medium of escape where nothing else matters but the conversation I am having between my body and myself. Through that conversation I open the door to explore feelings and express the thoughts in my mind. In doing so I am allowed to carve into a deeper understanding of who I am as a mover and a person. An understanding that I believe everyone seeks to find. The freedom to discover this understanding is something that I need, and fuels my forever growing passion for this art form.

2010 - present
2010 - present